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Frequently asked questions


MUST HAVE for winter sports - Here’s what you need if you want to learn skiing or snowboarding:
- A lot of motivation and will to have fun
- The right equipment:
✓ Skis, ski boots, ski poles (beginners don’t need them) and a HELMET (duty until the age of 18, we recommend it for everybody though).
✓ Snowboard, Snowboard boots and a HELMET (duty until the age of 18, we recommend it for everybody though).
- The appropriate clothing for the winter temperatures and weather conditions.
- A ticket, which allows you to take the lifts (with it you should buy a third party insurance).

Where is the school?

Our school is in front of the valley station of the drag lift “Baby La Crusc”, the office is in the same building as the ski pass office.

Where is the meeting point for the lessons?
Your instructor will be waiting for you at the drag lift. Don’t worry! You can see the spot perfectly from our office and there are tall flags pointing out where you will begin the lessons.

Is the ski pass included in the price?
No, the ski pass is not included.
- If you are a total beginner, a card with single runs will be totally enough.
- If you are already familiar with this sport, we recommend to buy a ski pass or day tickets for the Alta Badia area.
- Sometimes it can happen that our instructors take you out of this skiing area, in that case you must already have an advanced level and you will be asked to buy a Dolomiti Super Ski ticket.

How does it work with the lunch for the kids?
If the kids have lessons until the afternoon, they will have lunch with their instructor in one of the huts near the slopes. The lunch is not included in the price, so please put the money for the lunch in one of the kid’s pockets. We ask you to inform us in advance about special health conditions and needs.

Where can I find a ski rental?
There are three different rentals in our little village. You can find two of them on the main street (about 2 minutes away from our office) and one in the same building as our school.

Are there any discounts for siblings?
We are happy to share our knowledge in winter sports with the whole family, unfortunately there are no special prices for siblings and family members.

When do you organize the groups by levels?
Normally we divide the kids by their level and age on Sundays and on Mondays, but we are flexible regarding the first day of lesson.

The kids want to be in the same group, is this possible?
If they’re the same level, they will be in the same group. If they’re not, the one who can ski better will have to adapt to the group with the lower level.

Why is my kid skiing on the nursery slope even though he can manage black slopes too?
We all feel more confident on easy slopes, therefore the instructors prefer to do certain exercises on these slopes. It helps to learn certain techniques better and faster.

How big is a group?
It depends on the period you attend our school, normally we try to keep a few participants between 8 and 9.

Can it happen that you don’t have enough participants for the group lessons?
Sometimes it can happen, in that case we will try to start the group anyways but with shorter times – If even that is not possible, we will change it in private lessons.

Should we book in advance?
We recommend making a booking (for individual lessons and for group lessons), this way you can be sure to find place and it is easier for us to organize the week at its best.

What age is the best for children to begin?
If you want your kids to learn skiing, you should wait until they’re at least 3 years old. From our experience we can say that with kids it depends also a lot on their own personality if it’s too early or if it’s the right timing.

What happens if the weather conditions are bad?
If the chairlifts are working, we guarantee the lessons – we think it’s also a good opportunity to get to know alternative snow conditions with an instructor.

Until when can I cancel my lessons?
It is possible to cancel the individual lessons until 48 hours before. The booking for a group lesson is not binding.

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